Profound and insightful conversations show what motivates and drives the consumer or professional.



Committed, enthusiastic and passionate about every research question. Due to direct communication lines, Pam Research stays flexible throughout the entire research process.

Clear assessments & reports

Succinct conclusions and concrete recommendations that improve your organization. Presented in an accessible and visually appealing way.

Possibilities & Approaches

“I have been working in market research with great enthusiasm for over 20 years and it still makes me happy when I talk to people and seek their opinion, their needs and what drives them! I am only satisfied when I fully understand ‘the consumer’. mijn klanten Additionally, my marketing knowledge and experience help me to use these insights to help my customers improve with their strategy.”

Clients about Pam

Pamela is energetic, passionate and thorough. She assisted us in various strategic sessions and ensured that the authentic conversations were held and the right questions were raised. Due to her authentic approach and genuine interest, she immediately creates an open and safe atmosphere that enables everyone to have an open conversation. A great asset during these kinds of sessions.

Koert Huisman, CEO Plieger Group

Ik leerde Pam kennen als freelancer toen ik nog bij een onderzoeksbureau werkte voor wie Pam een flexibele aanvulling was op op het team en veel kennis en ervaring meebracht. Logisch dat ik Pam weer opzocht toen ik bij iemand zocht die ook ervaring had met kinderen. Waarom ik graag met Pamela werk? Pam weet op pragmatische manier in korte tijd waardevolle informatie op te halen, mede door iteratief werken.

We hebben afgelopen jaren onze propositie weten te verbeteren door parallel met de ontwikkeling impactvol onderzoek te doen met Pam.

I got to know Pam as a freelancer when I was still working at a research agency for which Pam was a flexible addition to the team and brought a lot of knowledge and experience. It was only logical that I sought Pam out when I was looking for someone at who also had experience with children. Why do I like working with Pamela? Pam knows how to retrieve valuable information in a pragmatic and short manner, through her consistent work. In the last few years, we were able to improve our proposition through together with our development, performing impactful research with Pam.