Recent assignments

Market – and target group exploration

Combination of diary assignments via WhatsApp and single interviews to gain insight into the uses, needs, wishes and purchases of a product group for, among others, a food manufacturer. 

Product development

In various stages of development of a machine for the hospitality industry, the opinions, experiences and wishes and needs of hospitality professionals were collected in order to improve and refine the products.

Customer Journey

A group of parents was followed for several weeks using WhatsApp assignments and multiple (online) interviews to map out the customer journey for the product group of a large online retailer.

Communication research

Pre-testing new campaign and packaging concepts with single interviews for food manufactures and non-profit organisations.

Evaluation of new propositions / products

Conversations in the workplace with professionals to gain insight into the evaluation of a new proposition in order to sharpen communication about b2b suppliers in financial services. A combination of focus groups and an in-home test to optimise a developed food product.


Tested both (prototype) apps and websites in individual interviews to strategically assess the concepts and to test them with regards to developing and optimising their wishes and needs.

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