Qualitative market research

We help you with your research question from top to bottom: from the briefing, to the implementation of the fieldwork, and an extensive debrief or clear report.

Strategy &


We participate and moderate (in) strategy sessions and product development processes.

Target group


We are specialised in the target groups of children, young people, their parents and teachers.

For b2c and b2b

We have extensive experience with marketing concerns for the consumer market (b2c) as well as for the business-to-business market (b2b). With the same commitment and joy, Pam works with consumers, entrepreneurs and professionals. We had interesting conversations with catering/out-of-home entrepreneurs, safety experts, accountants and other professionals.


For each research question, we look at which approach and structure provide the best insights. We can choose from:



Individual and duo interviews

Focus groups

Group discussions with 3 to 6 people

Matching Pairs

2 friends with kids and adolescents

Peer groups

Mini group of friends under young people


Planned interviews in the store


Spontaneous, short interviews in the store or at a different location

Conversations at the Workplace

Interviews with professionals in their own work space

In-home interviews

Interviews at the consumer’s home



Individual and duo interviews

Mini focus groups

Group conversations with 3 to 4 people

WhatsApp assignments

Exercises and feedback via WhatsApp before and after interviews or group discussions(or meetings

Online communities

Closed communities with participants with assignments over a period of time

Kids and adolescents workshop

Pam Research regularly organises a workshop together with Nwsgrg about kids and adolescents in combination with live focus groups. How does this target group develop and how can you best reach this group? And directly hear the answer to your own questions from your target group.

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Youngsters in corona times

In the spring of 2020, in the 1st lockdown, Pam Research, together with Nwsgrg, conducted research about youngsters and how they coped with corona times.

A summary of this research was published in ClouToday of the MOA, Expertise Centre for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics.

Een samenvatting van het onderzoek werd gepubliceerd in ClouToday van de MOA, Expertise Center voor Marketing Insights, Onderzoek en Analytics.

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